YES - Take a virtual tour of Park Distillery here

YES - if you did not see the time you were looking for in our reservation software, please come in, we would love to find you a spot.

YES - we have dog friendly seating on our downstairs heated patio.

We understand. Our Chef has designed our group menus to include vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, and nut free options. Dietary indicators are conveniently noted next to each menu item so guests can order with ease. Please note, we are not able to significantly change or substitute items and dishes are plated as described.

If a member of your group has more extensive dietary requirements, our Chef can create a fully custom menu to ensure each guest enjoys a delicious meal. Adequate notice (3 weeks minimum) is required and a fee of $30/person (in addition to the menu price) applies for custom menu curation

Wheelchair ramp - YES (provides access to the main floor of the restaurant only)
Wheelchair compliant bathrooms - YES

Elevator - NO
*Please note, the Mess Hall, Library and Guides Room are not wheelchair accessible as these areas are located up a set of stairs.