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Your venue must be part of Imbibe Negroni Week in order for you to compete in this contest. If your venue is not currently participating in Negroni week, please visit sign up.

Here's everything you need to know:

  • Competitions are being held in three Alberta locations: Edmonton, Calgary and Banff.
  • 8 competitors per region, 2 from each location go to the finals
  • EDMONTON- El Jardin 12:30pm September 10th (win a trip for 2 to Banff)
  • CALGARY- Proof September 10th, 2pm (Win a trip for 2 to Banff)
  • BANFF- Bluebird September 10th, 1pm (Win a weekend dining experience for 2 in YYC)
  • FINALS Mister M in Calgary, Saturday, September 23rd (Win an international trip with Campari)
  • Competitors will present their regional winning cocktail to judges on September 23rd
  • 2 winners from each regional competition will compete in the finals, and 1 winner will be chosen from the final.
  • Cocktail specifications: "There is no Negroni without Campari". You will be required to use Campari, as well as any Park Distillery product of your choice. 

Products Provided

Forty Creek* ask rep for selection
Espolon Tequila* ask rep for selection
Appleton*ask rep for selection
Cinzano*ask rep for selection
Grand Marnier*ask rep for selection
Wild Turkey
Averna Amaro
Park Distillery Alpine Dry Gin
Park Distillery Flora & Fauna Gin
Park Distillery Chili Vodka
Park Distillery Espresso Vodka
Park Distillery Vanilla Vodka
Park Distillery Maple Rye
Park Distillery Glacier Rye

Park and Campari Group will provide sample sizes of any of the above products. Any additional products you wish to use will be up to you to source.

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